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How to get healthy, bright and glowing skin? Dietitian talks about skin health

Beauty, skin care products, spa are billion dollar industry featuring young skin look and anti-aging. It becomes very confusing and sometimes we don't know what is the reliable information. We are going to talk about promoting a healthy skin and hope you find it helpful.

Skin is actually one of the largest organ we have. The same as other organs like heart, liver, kidney, we need to take care of them. Unlike internal organs, skin is something external that we can actually see it and feel it. Healthy skin starts internally. Living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy diet are very important in reducing the aging process for all our organs, including our skin.

There are many factors may affect our skin health, which include some uncontrollable factors like genetics and natural aging. We are going to discuss some factors that we have some control over:

1. UV light.

We are exposed to UV light daily through sunlight, which potentially can damage our skin cells and lead to skin damage. In diet, it is important to have enough antioxidant food, which can help to combat free radicals. In addition to that, limiting exposure to UV light is also important. Here are some tips:

  • Try to stay in the shade if you can

  • Try to cover yourself with long sleeve, hat, sunglasses

  • Try to put on sunscreen

  • Try to limit the time that you are in the sun if possible

2. Keep your skin moist.

Long term dry skin potentially increases wrinkle formation. Topical applications of cream or moisturizers help to keep our skin moist and keep it healthy. I would recommend people to do their research and find out the products that is most suitable for them.

3. Healthy eating and diet

Skin is one of the largest organ in our body, so what we eat to nourish our skin is very important. Constantly having enough nutrients that satisfy the organ's needs is vital to a healthy and glowing skin. Natural aging process is unpreventable but we can eat well to reduce the speed.

We will talk about the nutrients and healthy food in the next Blog. Stay tuned!

Elaine Zhang, Dietitian

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