Initial appointment

60 minutes

  • Thorough Nutrition Assessment

  • Customized nutrition recommendations

  • Suggest healthy food choices and meal ideas

  • Written consultation notes 

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45 minutes

  • Keep track of your progress

  • More customized recommendations 

  • Meal ideas 

  • Written consultation notes

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1-week customized meal plans


  • 1-week customized meal plans

  • Snack lists

  • Some tips and action plans

  • Recipe ideas 

  • Requires initial appointment before purchasing this service

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Comprehensive Package

Original price: $660

 Now $500

  • 1 Initial appointment

  • 3 Follow-up 

  • Complimentary: 1-week customized meal plans, snack lists, recipe ideas, and some tips and action plans. ​

  • Terms and conditions: see details below


One on one nutrition consultation

Initial appointment

Elaine will perform a thorough nutrition assessment and screening. This session includes collecting your diet history, general health, lifestyle, supplements and medications if any. With this information, we will provide you nutrition recommendations. Also, you will leave with some customized meal plans that meet your nutrition goals!

If you are referred to a dietitian by your doctor for a specific medical condition, we might need to review your tests or bloodwork results to determine appropriate therapeutic nutrition recommendations. 

Please note, nutrition consultation is provided to BC residents. 


Follow-up appointments are highly encouraged to keep track of your progress, make more nutrition recommendations and customized meal plans. Having a proper follow-through is very important for long-term behavioral change and success.


Nutrition Comprehensive Package

Includes: Initial Appointment (60 minutes) + 3 Follow-up (45 minutes each)

Complimentary: 1-week customized meal plans, snack lists, some dietary tips and action plans, recipe ideas


*Please note for the package:

1.All appointments need to be completed within 3 months (from the initial appointment)

​2.The complimentary 1-week meal plans will be provided at the final appointment.

3.The package price $500 needs to be paid at the initial appointment.

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