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What is the tradition of Ethiopian cuisine? Elaine Vancouver Dietitian Tasting Cultural Food - Healthy Eating

Updated: May 15

Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine has its unique characteristics, and it has been shaped by history, geography, cultural practices, and religions. As a dietitian, I am passionate to try and learn different cultural food. Vancouver is a multicultural city. My clients are from all over the world, including India, China, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, Europe and etc. Learning and trying different ethnic food is my passion. Today, we are going to talk about Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine!

  1. Injera

  • My favorite food in Ethiopian food traditions. It is fermented flatbread (like crepe) and made of teff flour. It is a traditional staple food in Ethiopia.

  • Teff is a type of whole grains. The size is really small (maybe similar size of a chia seed). It is actually a very nutritious grain.

  • The fermentation process gives injera a unique taste, which is a bit sour. It also has a spongy texture.

2. Doro Wot

  • Doro wot is Ethiopian chicken stew.

  • Berbere spice is a very classic spice blend in Ethiopian cuisine, which has spices like cardamom, cumin, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, paprika and more. It gives food a unique flavor and fragrance.

3. Alicha Wot

  • Ethiopian lamb stew. It is a very famous dish in Ethiopian cuisine.

  • It is cooked with a mixture of different spices, and it is a bit spicy.

4. Misir Wot

  • Ethiopian lentil stew. It is a very traditional vegetarian dish being served on injera.

  • Lentil is a great plant-based protein, and it is packed nutrients.

  • This dish is richly spiced, and has the spice mix called Berbere. It is very nutritious and delicious!

Hope you enjoy this post on Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine from a dietitian's perspective!

Healthy eating can be fun and enjoyable!


Elaine Vancouver Dietitian

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